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PoetsOfRhythm-The Jaunt

Vintage funk from Munich Germany. Taken from their Album “Discern/Define” (2001).

The Poets Of Rhythm is a German funk band who have released under numerous aliases, including releasing albums in the guise of compilations by various artists when performing all tracks under various aliases:
Bo Baral’s Excursionists, Bus People Express, Karl Hector & The Funk-Pilots, Mercy Sluts, The, Mighty Continentals, The, Neo-Hip-Hot-Kiddies Community, New Process, The, Organized Raw Funk, Pan-Atlantics, The, Polyversal Souls, The, Soul Sliders, Soul-Saints Orchestra, Soul-Saints, The, Syrup, Unknown Artist (3), Whitefield Brothers, Woo Woo’s, The