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Advertising today is more important than ever. In today’s economy, you still need to “get the word out” about your product, store or service. Don’t cut back on your efforts to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Our advertising rates are very competitive and we reach the targeted audience you seek. You don’t need to wonder about our distribution, as you do with a “dead tree” newspaper. Your ad remains on our Web site for 30 days or longer, where it reaches readers throughout the month, at all hours of the day and night.

Graphics and artwork
We can create advertising graphics for you, or you can provide your own graphics if the quality meets our standards. In most cases, there will be no charge for making your artwork ready for the Web. Need a little help? We can create artwork, logos and write your advertising copy at very affordable fees. In fact, depending on what you need, there may be no charge at all for our graphics or copywriting services. Please contact us to let us know your specific needs and find out how we can assist you.

Pricing advertising link
Sidebar, 125 x 125 pixels:
$25 / month
$60 / 3 months
$160 / 12 months

Terms and conditions
* We don’t accept Flash banners
* Animated GIFs will be examined and approved / rejected.
* No adult or Poker Ads please, we have creative and intellectual ads

To contact us directly regarding advertising email Arthur at:
aw4all | at | gmail | dot | com
Phone: 0031 (0)6 20 83 05 83